Video production is a key service we provide for projects and events. While not our main focus, we nonetheless have the capacity to script, shoot, edit and distribute all manner of videos. 

The heart and soul of what we do centers on creating branded wow! moments. Digitally amplifying those moments is the root definition of "experiential." It begins with great event design and experience design.


Designed for an immersive activation, this geodesic dome projection system can be housed within a branded 4m x 4m enclosure or a custom truss frame. Custom content is possible or we can deploy one of the built-in celestial experiences.

One Experiential design capabilities derive from our love of new technology combined with the excitement of being challenged by our clients. We see their vision, understand its strategic impact, and always create ways of making the vision a reality.

One Experiential creates unique solutions to challenges posed by clients' visions. Those visions that are often more based on "gut" than technical designs. We enjoy making these visions a reality and often the best projects come from a spark of imagination free from precedent. If you can dream it, we can do it.

One Experiential has been involved in many branding 3D projection mapping activations as an innovator, producer, vendor, and partner. Here are the best in 3D projection mapping projects of the 2010's. Different creatives produced some of this content. We are happy to refer them to you for your projects or manage them as part of our involvement.